Tuesday, August 10, 2021, represents a significant chapter in the Smithsonian’s history—its 175th anniversary.  
As we join the Smithsonian and its partners and affiliates in commemorating this milestone, it is important to not only look back at where they have been, but also look ahead to what they have on the horizon. The African American Cultural Society is proud to be a host community partner with the Smithsonian Museum on Main Street.  Take a look at the below commemorative video.  AACS has  participated in this video, you will find us at about 12 minutes 20 seconds into it.    

You may also want to view the Live Virtual video event the Smithsonian has going on live right now featuring Lonnie Bunch, who was the founding of the NAAMHC. The video will continue to be available for viewing after the Live content ends.



AACS has 3 days left to raise funds for the A Community Thrives Fundraising Challenge.  We hope you will participate by getting the word our and/or donating to the campaigns which are listed below.

A direct link to each fundraiser is below.  When donating you may click the dropdown and select on behalf of,  in memory of, dedicated to, etc.
1.  30 by 30 Membership Fundraising Campaign (New or renewal memberships here.)

2.  Exhibitions Fundraising Campaign (We have several Smithsonian Exhibitions available to us over the next 2-3 years.)

3.  Thirtieth Anniversary Fundraising Campaign (This can go toward a listing in our anniversary journal.)
4.  Maintenance Reserve Fundraising Campaign (To maintain our building.)
5.  Inspiring Our Youth Fundraising Campaign (This will support a youth program.)