Charles Mallory & Staff

What a great day at AACS. The people were great, the facility was great, and the food was simply outstanding. Most of the attendees went back for seconds! The caterer, Mr. Charles Mallory and his staff prepared a New Year’s lunch with the appropriate food for the New Years’ holiday: blackeyed peas, rice, greens, chicken, beef and my favorite, pigs’ feet. They were really good. The meal was topped off with a delicious sheet cake. In addition, no southern meal would be complete without cornbread and ice tea. This event was organized by the Ways-and-Means Committee which is chaired by Vanessa James-Foxe and co-chaired by Sharon Waring. President Joe Matthews and Board of Directors president Edmund G. Pinto, Jr were Co-Masters of Ceremonies. The event was extremely well attended. Photos were provided by Blanche Valentine, Joe Matthew, and Edmund G. Pinto, Jr.