Vehicle Donation Benefits AACS

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Even before he became a member of The African American Cultural Society, Jimmie Jukes made the valuable contribution of a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado to our organization.  The considerable proceeds from the sale of his contribution will help us continue our mission of highlighting and preserving our culture in Flagler County.  Thank you so much Mr. Jukes.  If you [...]

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Tuesday, August 10, 2021, represents a significant chapter in the Smithsonian’s history—its 175th anniversary.   As we join the Smithsonian and its partners and affiliates in commemorating this milestone, it is important to not only look back at where they have been, but also look ahead to what they have on the horizon. The African American Cultural Society [...]

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Tribute For Dr. Runoko Rashidi

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Tribute For Dr. Runoko Rashidi Dr. Runoko Rashidi was an African American historian, born in California who spent his life traveling the world to connect the original Black people of Asia, Australia (surrounding islands), India and the Persian Gulf with their African brothers and sisters. He matriculated through the Los Angeles public school system, earned an undergraduate degree [...]

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AACS Salutes Women who have led the organization over the past 30 years.

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Vivian Richardson Vivian Richardson is the first woman to serve in multiple leadership roles that included president and chairperson of the board of directors. She moved through the ranks over several years serving full terms as 2nd Vice President and 1st Vice President under Walter Boone. She served as President 1/2007 - 12/2008. Following her election [...]

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New Roof

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Wonderful News!! Our NEW roof is complete. We are grateful for all the hard work done by our Board of Directors led by Chairman Edmund G. Pinto, Jr., and our Executive Board lead by President Joe Matthews. We offer our heartfelt thanks to Blanche Valentine, our Center Administrator, for all the workarounds she had to do to keep [...]

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Two Women’s Readiness to Co-Found the Newsletter

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The African American Cultural Society's (AACS) newsletter came on the heels of both Ida Sharpe (1933-2002) and Gertrude Blackwell's (1918-2012) readiness to co-found the publication. Mrs. Sharpe and Mrs. Blackwell are part of the African American Cultural Society's initiative honoring women who have made the African American Cultural Society a success.   Just one year after the [...]

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