African American Cultural Society

The mission and purpose of the African American Cultural Society, Inc. are to preserve and perpetuate the cultural heritage of African Americans through educational, artistic, intellectual, and social activities and services deemed to be in the best interests of the entire community.

AACS Membership has its benefits

  • AACS educates and interprets our rich African American culture.

  • AACS owns the beautiful Cultural Center building and five surrounding acres.

  • AACS is a repository to preserve our history of African American accomplishments.

  • AACS evidences our concern for our youth by offering training, programs, and relevant activities.

  • AACS perpetuates our culture through the presentation of visual and performing arts.

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Vehicle Donation Benefits AACS

September 6th, 2021|Comments Off on Vehicle Donation Benefits AACS

Even before he became a member of The African American Cultural Society, Jimmie Jukes made the valuable contribution of a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado to our organization.  The considerable proceeds from the sale of his contribution [...]

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Fundraising Campaign: Your Help Needed!!

GannettFor decades, noted Black historians and cultural scientists such as Dr. Charles Finch, Dr. Molefi Kete Asane, and Dr. Edward Robinson have associated cultural identity with academic performance.  The African American Cultural Society has been approved for the first phase of a grant by the Gannett Foundation: USA Today, to help us improve the academic performance of our youth by teaching the history and culture of Nile Valley Africans. To secure up to $100,000 funding for this grant, the AACS must raise $3,000 by August 13, 2021.

Anything you contribute, as well as revenue from new memberships and renewal of expired memberships, will count toward our goal.  If you are not a member, join TODAY!  If you have not renewed your membership, renew TODAY!  If you are already a member or do not wish to join, please contribute whatever you can to help us reconstruct the historical memory of our youth.


Here is the Status of our Fundraising Projects. Please Consider Donating to our Maintenance Reserve Fund 2021 Campaign and Help with the Effort to Increase our Membership

Donate to our Maintenance Reserve Fund 2021 Campaign
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James Sharpe

“As a Founding Member, I am very proud of what we accomplished in the early days. There were many sleepless nights as we grappled with how to get the land and how to pay for construction. All the issues were worked out, and the results is this beautiful building you see here today. I invite you to become a member today”

James Sharpe
Jim Lee

“As original lifetime members, Elva and I were involved from the very beginning. Jim was a member of the “Construction Cabinet” that supervised the overall construction from permitting to final occupancy. Elva was a member of the group that wrote the charter and bylaws and got the approval from the State. We highly recommend AACS as a place to enrich your heritage”

Jim & Elva Lee

“As chairperson of the membership committee, I encourage all to become members to help perpetuate African American cultural experience. Among the reasons to join are: AACS educates and interprets our history, AACS promotes and celebrates the accomplishments of African Americans, AACS provides exciting, trips, social events, lectures, and many other activities.”

Jean Tanner

Dee and I have used the African American Cultural Society facilities for a few years now to conduct our meetings and other events. The building is beautiful and the administered staff is great to work with. We highly recommend it for your next event.

Mike & Dee Cocchiola

“I recently moved to Florida from California. As an outgoing people person, I was looking for an organization that offers social activities as well as cultural enrichment activities. AACS more than meets both requirements.  I am glad I became a member.”

Geri Wright

“We all wanted a place to call our own. Originally, the idea was to create a social club. But some of us wanted something more along the lines of a cultural club. The African American Cultural Society was born after considerable discussion. The result of the early discussion is what you see now; a place to celebrate our heritage.”

William (Chappie) Williams