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Reasons to become a member

Reasons to Join

  • AACS educates and interprets our rich African American culture.
  • AACS owns the beautiful Cultural Center building and five surrounding acres.
  • AACS is a repository to preserve our history of African American accomplishments.
  • AACS evidences our concern for our youth by offering training, programs and relevant
  • AACS perpetuates our culture through the presentation of visual and performing arts.
  • AACS provides a well-equipped facility for the community to hold meetings and events.
  • AACS provides exciting experiences with study groups, lectures, cultural trips and
     social events.
  • AACS is an extended family to explore new ventures and develop hidden talents.
  • AACS promotes pride and demonstrates our relevance in the community.
  • AACS affords us a monument for those who come after us to value and build upon.