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Committees achieving our mission

Joining a committee is easy! Just call (386) 447-7030 (The Cultural Center) and leave your name and committee selection.

Standing Committees

African Studies

The goal of the African Studies group is to emphasize and teach participants the importance of understanding African and African-American history. The group meets twice monthly. Participants read books and discuss Africans in the Diaspora and African-American history.


The Amenities Committee is involved with all member events at The Cultural Center that provide food and refreshments. This committee’s activities include serving of food and post-event clean-up.

Budget and Finance

The Budget and Finance Committee focuses on the present and future financial condition of AACS. This committee meets monthly with the Treasurer and Financial Secretary to review the latest reports of income and expense and to recommend timely financial actions that may be needed. Once a year, this committee works with other AACS committees, including the Executive Board of officers and the Board of Directors, to develop and establish a budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1 and ends June 30 of the following calendar year.


The Cultural Committee focuses on accomplishing the special cultural activities of AACS. This committee’s activities include Juneteenth and Kwanzaa.


The Membership Committee’s goal is to increase enrollment by informing prospective members that membership is open to all those in the community-at-large, nationally and internationally who share the AACS mission. This committee develops and distributes membership literature and maintains a recruitment table at most Cultural Center events. Also, this committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining membership data for communication and voting purposes.


The Nominating Committee is responsible for meeting to solicit and validate candidates to stand for election as an AACS officer or director. The names of valid candidates are then placed on a ballot for the members to vote and elect new officials.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Committee is responsible for publicizing the mission, purpose and activities of AACS in a professional, positive manner to the local and surrounding communities, and the State of Florida. The media goals are accomplished through contact with media outlets and the use of press releases, feature stories, brochures and newsletters. Goals also are achieved through local participation with other groups, speeches, radio announcements and website postings.

Ways and Means

The Ways and Means Committee aims to plan and implement meaningful events for the membership and community, which also will provide income for the organization

Ad Hoc Committees


AACS partners with Palm Coast to keep roads clean and safe for community residents. The Adopt-a-Road Committee consists of dedicated members who meet about six times a year to keep the Whiteview Parkway area cleared of trash and debris from Belle Terre Parkway to Whippoorwill Road.


The goal of the Education Committee is to utilize presentations, lectures, and group discussions to educate the membership and community about African and African-American contributions to our national and world civilizations.


The Heritage Committee is responsible for promoting the memorial brick walkway located in front of The Cultural Center. The walkway honors members, former members and their families and others selected by those who wish to purchase a brick in honor of someone. This committee receives and processes the necessary forms, orders the brick pavers and notifies purchasers when pavers have been installed.


The Omni Committee sponsors the annual Jazz Breakfast, which brings together membership and the community to enjoy a wholesome breakfast and live jazz entertainment. This fundraiser helps with AACS operational expenses.

The Scribe

Six times each year, The Scribe Committee produces a newsletter chronicling activities of the organization and highlighting members. This committee meets at least monthly to review articles submitted, edit and assemble the newsletter for mailing.

The 200 Club

The 200 Club was established in 1996 to supplement fundraising at that time to build The Cultural Center. The 200 Club has continued after building construction to become by far the most successful annual funding effort to carry our AACS goals. Substantial weekly, quarterly and yearly prizes serve as incentives for AACS members and friends to re-join the Club by March 31st of each year. Click here for more infomation and the form.

Youth Black History Reality Program

The Reality Program aims to promote learning by youth through active participation, presentations and creative interpretation of contributors, events and the impact on society. Youth participants present an annual program to the community reflecting what they have learned. Scholarships are awarded to qualifying high school graduates.

Special Projects Committees

The Special Projects Committees accomplish a broad range of activities.

Annual Cookout

This committee is responsible for providing members with a free, refreshing and enjoyable

afternoon in early September each year as AACS resumes a full schedule of annual activities.


This committee identifies and awards members deserving special recognition for their time, effort and/or donations to accomplish the AACS mission.


This committee meets when it is necessary to update the AACS Bylaws, thus enabling the

organization to maintain effective operations as conditions change.

Building and Grounds

This committee is responsible for the general upkeep of the grounds and the building. Great committee for the handyman or women.


This committee is charged with accomplishing ballot distribution and vote counting for the election of new officers and directors.

Holiday Gift Giving

This committee solicits donations each year from the membership, friends and local businesses to provide needy persons in the community with a Christmas Party, including family food and presents for young children.