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Board of Directors

The nine-member AACS Board of  Directors has authority to exercise all corporate  powers subject to the limitations of the governing  documents.

Each board member is elected to a three-  year term by the membership, with three director

positions open for election each year.

Executive Board of Officers

The AACS Executive Board establishes policies to govern day-to-day operations, reporting activities monthly to the Board of Directors.

The President is AACS’ chief administrative officer with authority over standing and ad hoc committees, including the filling of vacancies in offices of the Executive Board and on committees.

The First Vice President is responsible for membership business and policies.

The Second Vice President provides liaison and coordination for committees.

Other officers on the Executive Board are the Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplain, Sergeant-at-Arms and Parliamentarian.

Each officer is elected to a two-year term by the membership. The next election for all officers will occur in November 2019.

Vision & Mission
The Scribe
The Cultural Center

Board of Directors (As of Junuary 1, 2020)

Edmund G. Pinto, Jr, Chairman
Daniel Isaac, Vice Chair
Meshella E. Woods, Secretary
Richard P. Barnes
Lynda H. Baten
Stephanie Matthews
Marie McCray
Melba McCarty
Ad Hoc Members:
Joseph Matthews
Victor Krause

Executive Board of Officers (As of January 1, 2020)

Joseph Matthews, President
Sybil Lucas, First Vice President
Melinda Morais, Second Vice President
Merritt Robertson, Treasurer
Geri Wright, Secretary
Sharon Waring, Corresponding Secretary
Victor R. Krause, Financial Secretary
Reinhold Schlieper, Parliamentarian
John Reid, Seargent-at-Arms